Homemade Ice Cream

Introduction by Candace Perry. Title image: 18th-century ice cream demonstration at the Goschenhoppen Folk Festival. The story of ice cream has been told and retold countless times, and is one of a storied lineage of exotic locales and crowned heads of Europe and our own Founding Fathers. Not long after its arrival on American shores,Continue reading “Homemade Ice Cream”

Spring in the Antes Garden

By Bill Daley. Title image: The Kitchen Garden at the Goschenhoppen Historians’ Antes House, Perkiomenville, PA These observations are from 2016:Once again this year has exhibited some strange weather. Generally speaking this past winter was a mild one but after a very early start Spring took a U-turn and produced a number of killing frostsContinue reading “Spring in the Antes Garden”

Pie, Glorious Pie

By Alice Wolfgang. Pie was, and still is, an important part of PA Dutch life and there is much to say about pies. Today we’ll take a look at some of the vast variety of pies, some familiar and some more unusual, that were developed in this region. Pies originated in Europe and the EnglishContinue reading “Pie, Glorious Pie”

Homemade Soap

Introduction by Sarah Heffner. Pennsylvania Germans made no frills “homemade soap” from old fat, water and lye. In the 1960s, my mother, Laura Wolfgang, would make batches of homemade soap for home use and for relief packages for Mennonite Central Committee. (Commercially produced soap is now added to relief aid.) Ladies at church would saveContinue reading “Homemade Soap”

Heirloom Vegetables

By Joanne Ranck-Dirks. Title photo: Deer Tongue Lettuce at Landis Valley. All photos courtesy of Landis Valley Museum, Lancaster, PA. How is your garden planning coming along this spring? Did you remember to plant Grandma Hershey’s Sugar Peas and is there space for Deacon Dan Beets? Is this the year to plant Fisher Beans orContinue reading “Heirloom Vegetables”

The Last Jar of Chow-Chow

By Diane Hollister. Remember the shelves of jars going down into your grandma’s basement? The old glass jars with zinc lids that were filled with fruits and vegetables and maybe even some canned meats? The ones that sometimes eluded you and turned up in dusty musty corners years later, forgotten? Those jars may not seemContinue reading “The Last Jar of Chow-Chow”

Gardens and Gardening among the Pennsylvania Germans (Part 1)

By Alan G. Keyser. Title image: The Pennsylvania German garden at the Goschenhoppen Historians’ 1736 Henry Antes House, Perkiomenville, PA. A Pennsylvania German garden is not the elaborate pleasure garden so often described in the histories of gardening, but a farm kitchen garden containing vegetables, culinary herbs, flowers, and medicinal plants. It was in someContinue reading “Gardens and Gardening among the Pennsylvania Germans (Part 1)”


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